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8:00am:     US-Session begins with Joseph
11:00am:   On-Going Live Training in our trade room begins (recorded)
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You can find the details in the Advanced Course, attached to the Welcome/Orientation   video lesson for our Concierge Services.

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3 Favorite News Websites:  Paid Service $175/mo, and it can be a little bit TOO much for new traders.  LIVE, audio news up-dates, it’s the best value for a professional trader in regards to news.  Free Service, all the global news you need, and I love the way you can see the CHART of the news reports and the Level of Importance on each event. Free Service, all the global and US news, and I love the simplicity and consistency of the news it reports.  Its always my go-to news site for the most accurate info.

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SchoolOfTrade Contacts:

New Membership Inquiries: / skype = Schooloftrade / 800.381.2084
Joseph James: / skype =  SchoolOfTrade

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another Winning Trade Call on Crude Oil Futures

This trade was called live, 20 minutes ahead of time, with exact entry, stop loss, and profit target.

Day Trading Crude Oil Futures with LIVE Trade Room

Saturday, May 12, 2012 Live Trade Room Notes

Welcome to our live trade room of
This trade room is intended to demonstrate the effectiveness of our trading methods for our trial-guests.

Our members are given specific trading plans to follow, and are properly trained on our 3 price patterns, entry triggers, trade management, and everything they need to operate an efficient and profitable trading business.

That's right, trading is a BUSINESS, and we take our business very seriously, so grab a notepad, sit back and listen today as we take live trades on our accounts along with our members according to our trading plans which are provided in the Advanced Course on

Members, you can find a lot of information on our trading blog, however, you are encouraged to use the Advanced Course Materials which contain all the specific details of our trading methods.  Also, please remember we have private members-only training every day Monday through Thursday starting at 1130am EST.

Guests, you are encouraged to participate today as much as possible, asking questions, and learning the basics of this trading method.  Please remember as a GUEST you will NOT be trained on the specific details of entries, exits, and the little things in between, however, we WILL demonstrate to you today that this trading method earns income in any market, any time frame, and we are 200% confident that any trader young or old, experienced or beginner, can earn profits using our trading methods in less than 30 days.

Guests, please be aware of the following useful links:

Welcome Message :  Please watch this important message from our Head Trader, Joseph James

Our Secret Weapon:  Did you know that our members have 3 different live trade rooms to learn and earn with?  We provide a methodical approach for EVERY trader to get started learning the method, attending live training to reinforce the method, and our Members Trade Room sets them free making money every day alongside other professional traders.  This is the secret to our success!

Morning Routine:  use this as an example of what we train our members on for their daily routine.  this is always evolving every day, week, and month.

Economic News:  We will train you on how to use all of the news events every week to earn profits!

Dollar Index Correlation:  We will train you the exact ways we use this, here are some fundamentals to be aware of.

Using Ninja Trader Charts; Global Drawing Tools:  We draw trend lines that are 'projected' over multiple time frames, and this lesson will show you the most important things to consider.

Drawing Trend Lines:  this is one the first things we do each day in our technical prep.  Use this lesson to learn the correct ways to use trend lines.

3 Price Patterns:  We teach our members how to use 3 simple price patterns as the 'building blocks' for their trading career.  The full details are in the Advanced Course.  Stick around after 1100am EST today and we will review this for our guests.

Fast Track Method:  We provide our members with the perfect strategy for learning, earning, and becoming consistently profitable as a professional trader.  This is a great trading strategy that helps all of our members get their 'wheels off the ground' as their career takes flight!

Day Trading Strategies:  We train our members on specific strategies for different 'price structures' we see on our charts.  Here is a brief overview of our favorite strategies.  Details are provided in the Advanced Course for members.

Automated Trading System:  We provide our Advanced Members with a Fully-Automated Trading system, along with all the settings, templates, and information they need to make profits with them.  I promise...this 'aint to good to be true!

Sneak Peek at Advanced Course:  Check out a portion of our advanced course lesson on our Morning Routine.  As you will see, our course is NOT your average material.  We are dedicated to providing our members with PROFESSIONAL training for PROFESSIONAL traders, and the quality of our materials is of the highest importance.

Hedge Fund & Managed Accounts:  Did you know that we have our own licensed Hedge Fund and we offer the opportunity for our clients to open accounts, as well as start their own fund!  Whether you want to manage a trade account with us, or invest in one, check out the info here.

Traders Lifestyle:  we love to trade, and we live a great lifestyle from our profits.  this section on our blog is dedicated to all the little things that a trader needs for mind, body, and soul.

Review our Trading Methods:  We are always asking for your feedback so we can always be improving.  Thanks for taking some time to leave us your feedback!

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